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Are you looking for a reliable window cleaner in Wimbledon?

CMR Window Cleaning are professional window cleaners operating in Wimbledon and surrounding areas.

We provide both residential and commercial window cleaning services to homes and businesses of any size.

All services are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance cover.

Domestic Window Cleaners Wimbledon

Our aim is to be the best window cleaners in Wimbledon and south west London. We are committed to providing the highest standards of service at all times and have invested in the very best window cleaning equipment to ensure great results and sparkling windows for all our customers.

We use both traditional methods by hand and pure water cleaning technology combined with long reach water fed poles.

Purified water undergoes an intensive filtration process which removes minerals and hard water deposits that are present in tap water such as limescale, chalk and copper. But just as limescale leaves a residue in kettles and washing machines it can also leave a deposit on glass in the form of white spots.

Purified water has all these contaminants removed and its purity gives it many industrial uses including window cleaning. This is because it dries to a crystal clear finish after every clean meaning your windows will have never looked so good.

Our extendable poles are able to reach several storeys high allowing us to clean otherwise inaccessible windows like those situated over conservatories or pitched roofs.

We also can use traditional window cleaning methods by hand if this is more suitable for a particular property and its style of windows.

In order to deliver excellent service we want to be the most effective, thorough and comprehensive window cleaners in Wimbledon for any home large or small.

Our domestic window cleaning service is available for one-off cleans or on an ongoing basis at a set frequency.

Cleaned by CMR Window Cleaning


Commercial Window Cleaners in Wimbledon

We clean windows for various businesses and commercial venues throughout Wimbledon. We have established a reputation for reliability, competitive prices and quality of service that we are proud of and intend to maintain.

CMR Window Cleaning are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for those around us at all times, and always observe Health and Safety best practice.

Our water fed poles are operated from the ground for enhanced safety and eliminating the need for ladders.

Our service is second to none and we believe we are the best value for money commercial window cleaners in Wimbledon.

We operate across the region including Sheen and Kingston upon Thames.

Please call us on 07908839490 or email using our Contact page for further information.


To get in touch, please either call Chris on 07908839490 or complete the contact form – thank you.